Tuesday 21 June 2022

Tip Tuesday #2: Remedies


Medical doctors were rare in Northern Glengarry until 1865; households would make up their own remedies for common aliments passed down from generations. For example, the book shows a remedy for baldness that involves a hair tonic with glycerin and alcohol being two of the main ingredients.

To stop hiccoughs, give the patient a teaspoon of granulated sugar and vinegar; if necessary, repeat the dose. 

A poultice of fresh tea leaves moistened with water will cure a sty on the eye.

For earaches, roast a raisin and bind it as hot as can be borne on the ear.

A pinch of salt on the tough followed 10 minutes after by a drink of cold water often cures a sick headache. 

These four remedies come from a 1919 Household Calendar published by Barse & Hopkins in New York copyrighted 1913.

Tuesday 14 June 2022


Tip Tuesday at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum! 

To clean fly specks from varnished wood, wipe with a soft cloth wrung with skimmed milk and water in equal parts. The fly specks should come right off the varnished wood with minimal scrubbing leaving the wood looking new and polished.