Friday, 12 June 2020

Historical Hairdos and Don'ts

Looking for some new inspiration for your next at-home hairdo? Or maybe needing some reassurance that bad hair days happen no matter the time period? – we have it covered! Dive into some hairdo (and don’t) highlights and explore the best to the worst from the Glengarry Pioneer Museum’s photograph collection. Each post will focus on a new hairstyle trend and spotlight a related post from the Ladies Home Journal featuring the latest tips on fashion and personal care of the late 19th century.  First published in 1886, the Ladies Home Jou
rnal became the first American magazine to reach one million subscribers! This made them one of the greatest influences of women’s home and fashion trends.

In the meantime, if readers are in desperate need for hair care tips – the ladies of the 1890’s knew best! Perhaps your hair is in urgent need of hydration or thickening? Try a mixture of castor-oil and brandy! Could not get to a hair salon and tried to bleach your own hair? They have the answers. Below are some of the staff favorites for remedies given in an asked and answered column of the Ladies Home Journal, 1891. Also featured is a sneak peek of some of our favorite hair photos to show what is in store for readers over the following weeks!

1982-027-005, Glengarry Pioneer Museum                                                                     2011-000-011, Glengarry Pioneer Museum 

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